Testing made possible by generous support from:

BrotherHobby Tornado T1 2206 2300kv

This is the next in series of the Tornado T1 motors from BrotherHobby, this time the 2206 version.

AOKFly 2205(5.5) 2300kv

This motor was sent over by AOKFly, a new player in the motor game.

Gemfan 2205 2300kv

This light weight, low cost variant in their new lineup was sent over by Gemfan for testing.

BrotherHobby Tornado T1 2205 2300kv

This Tornado T1 is the first of the new series of motors from BrotherHobby that were sent over for testing.

Emax TS2306 2300kv

This is the next high performance motor from Emax in the from of the TS2306 2300kv. The performance and quality of the two existing RS motors is pushed even further in the TS series.

Gemfan RT2205 2300kv

Gemfan sent a selection of their new motors over for testing. This is the first of that series, the 2205 2300kv.

SunnySky EDGE 2204(4.6) 2300kv

This motor is the long awaited re-entry of SunnySky into the miniquad world. This was the first release in the EDGE line, and has some interesting points. Thanks to a friendly supporter for loaning this one to test.

Rotorgeeks 2206 2350kv

Rotorgeeks sent their latest motor over for testing. This motor builds on the success of the 2205 2700kv motor.

RCINPower GT2205 2300kv

RCINPower sent of their entire new line of GT series 2205 motors for testing. This is the first of that series, the 2205 2300kv.

ZMX v2 2205 2300kv

I finally have version 2 of the ZMX motor. This is the highly anticipated second revision with upgraded magnets and bell design. Thanks to Silver-Drone.com for sending it over. I will also soon be testing the 2633kv and 2800kv versions in the high KV shootout.