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Lumenier "Skitzo" 2206 2650kv
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A new high Kv 2206 in Lumenier's motor lineup.

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Published: Aug 20, 2018 by quadmcfly


Tested KV:2720kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:6mm
With the current trend towards larger stator sizes it's interesting to see some movement back towards smaller and lighter motors, searching for a balance of weight and power.  It's unsurprsing that this new generation of smaller motors is looking to higher Kv to deliver the power and response in a smaller an lighter weight package.  This new motor from Lumenier draws much of its inspiration from the MX series, adding the open bottom 16x16 mount of the JohnnyFPV and PoPo 2206 motor, and sticking to the integerated single peice machined steel shaft with a standard threaded prop shaft of the JohnnyFPV rather than PoPo's quick swap. The shaft is retained wtih a standard e-clip rather than a bolt as well. The open bottom design combined with a 3mm internal shaft and 8x3x4 bearings keeps the weight low, bringing the entire weight down to about 28g with 40mm of wire. 


Like many of Lumenier's other offerings this motor focuses on smoothness and efficiency rather than raw power of some of the larger stator high Kv motors.  It strikes a solid balance, delivering well into 1300g at the top end even on the dual bladed and light loaded tri-blade 5" props. The lower torque of the smaller stator size starts showing in the heavier loaded props, with fewer gains and lower max thrust than it's larger counterparts. This will definitely shape the throttle curve, giving the motor a quicker onset of thrust on the first 1/3 to 1/2 of the throttle, with a softer roll-off in the last 1/3. This approach reduces the max current draw, sacrificing a bit of top end speed while retaining crusing speed, low end responsiveness, and overall efficiency.  This motor strikes a remarkably good balance of the factors involved, and will be ideally suited for light to mid weight rigs and lighter props.