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Lumenier JohnnyFPV 2207 2700kv
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This is the new JohnnyFPV large stator high Kv motor sent over by Lumenier for testing.

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Published: Dec 24, 2017 by quadmcfly


Tested KV:2620kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm
Lumenier has a reputation for some of the smoothest flying motors on the market, though traditionally their motors have focussed more on smoothness than power.  The MX2206 was a big step up last year, bringing up the Kv and adding in some additional power as are result of upgraded magnets and air gap.  This year Lumenier has worked with Johnny "JohnnyFPV" Schaer to make a motor that takes that concept, mixes it with some additional upgrades, and produces a totally new beast. This motor ups the stator size to 2207, integrates a 4mm internal single piece hardened steel shaft, and uses a black epoxy on the windings for an almost complete blackout effect.  While the basic aesthetic is the same as the other lumenier motors, the black finish is a nice touch. The aluminum is still 6061, which has always been a weak point in the Lumenier design, but the upgraded shaft should answer some of the durability issues the previous motors have shown. The shaft is retained by a c-clip rather than the screws that have become popular, which may be a positive or a negative depending on your perspective: no screw to strip out and fuss with trying to remove but the motors must be removed from the frame for service.  The internal design is essentially the same as the previous MX motor, with multistrand windings, fairly narrow square magnets, and a very respectable air gap.  This is likely intended to keep the smooth feel of the lumenier line while still gaining the power and response boost from the larger stators.  The weight of these motors comes in a bit high compared to the recent 2207 motors on the market, coming in at just shy of 34g with 45mm of wire, likely due largely to the closed base design and the larger 4mm internal shaft.  The internal part of the shaft appears solid, which could be contributing to the weight.  Some worthy upgrades in the design here, though it lags a bit behind on some of the current trends.


The results here are pretty much exactly what I was expecting given the lineage of this motor.  The stator size creates very solid power and response times, but the design sacrifices some of the top end capacity in favor of smoothness.  In this instance the Kv more than makes up for any losses of top end in that tradeoff, so this is a praticularly good compromise in this application.  The Kv tested a bit lower than stated, coming in closer to 2600 than 2700, but that is not necessarily an issue. The motor is remarkably similar in performance to the F60III 2750kv though it has slightly improved response times, likely due to slightly deep and stronger magnets. This should make it a tad snappier without sacrificing much in the way of smoothness thanks to the square magnets.  This motor will do best on light to mid-weight props where the 2207 stator can have the most impact. The effect here retains the response times of the lighter props, even enhancing it due to the higher Kv, but also creates more power in high in the throttle compared to the lower Kv options.  Essentially it gains the power of lower Kv motors on heavier props at a similar current draw but with faster changes in RPM.  It works very well for particular style of flying, in this case one that Johnny has made fairly well known, so it is no surprise to see his name on these motors.  They are tailor-made for exactly what he is trying to accomplish.  Overall an interesting offering from Lumenier.