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Leopard Hobby PHS2306 2400kv
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The 2306 mid-kv motor from Leopard Hobby's PHS line.

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Published: Oct 25, 2017 by quadmcfly

Leopard Hobby PHS2306 2400kv

Tested KV:2300kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
This motor is the next in the PHS line from Leopard Hobby, following on the heels of the gigantic PHS2307 2400kv.  The build and construction are identical to the other PHS motors with only the stator size as variation.  One thing I noticed during examination of this motor that I missed on the previous PHS motor is that Leopard Hobby is using the same technique as the Cobra Champion, and a few other motors on the market, of using magnets that are about 1mm taller than the stator size.  This explains some of the weight of this motor (at almost 36g with ~40mm of wire), though I think several grams could still be shaved by removing unecessary material from the base.  The end result of the larger magents though is increased torque and less field loss at the stators, which also explains the dramatic torque this line of motors is capable of producing.


The results here follow the trend of the previous motor in this series with the kV also testing around the same 2300kv.  The trends in torque production and efficiency also continue with this motor, hitting aproximately 1350g at only 30A on the mid-weight 5" props and falling just barely short of 1600g peak on the heavy 5" trifecta (the HQ 5x4x4, Cyclone 5046, and the ButterCutter 5x5x3).  Even on the 6" props this motor barely falls behind it's 2307 sibling, easily clearing 1700g at well below 40A on the KingKong 6x4 and almost hitting 1900g on the new ButterCutter 6x4 prop. Excellent work from Leopard Hobby on this one, though some rethinking of the base design to reduce the weight would make it even better.