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Leopard Hobby PHS2205 2300kv
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Yet another new motor hitting the scene, this is the first FPV class, smaller stator, mid KV offering from Leopard Hobby.

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Published: Jan 19, 2017 by quadmcfly

Leopard Hobby PHS2205 2300kv

Tested KV:2402kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:5mm

I had never heard of Leopard Hobby when they contacted me about testing this motor, so I was curious to see it when it arrived.  I have been getting a lot of motors from new Chinese manufacturers lately that are not part of the traditionally known motor makers in the FPV world, and I have to say this is one of the best of these new motors that I've seen.  Build quality is really stellar, and the design and finish on the motor are beautiful. Tolerances are quite tight, and the motor spins very smoothly.  The shaft is the modern design single piece machined steel shaft with a 4mm internal diameter, and has NMB L-940ZZ bearings as do most of the 4mm shaft motors to hit the bench recently. The motor uses a smaller e-clip on the shaft similar to what Cobra uses that leaves less exposed clip and more area to grip the shaft, making it much less likely to pop out.  The windings are thick single wire winds, and extremely neat and uniform.  The three phase wires terminate inside the base of the bell as well, which is a nice touch. Overall I'm very impressed with the quality of this motor.  The only downside I see is the weight, coming in at 29.2g, but that puts it in a similar class to a number of other motors in the same stator size.

Test Results

Given the high quality of the physical build of this motor, I was interested to see if the performance would live up to the looks.  I was very pleasantly surprised here.  This motor did very respectably.  It essentially matched the BrotherHobby Tornado T1 2300kv, pulling ahead by a decent margin on the heavier props, sqeuaking in even just ahead of  Emax RS-S 2300kv.  KV tested a bit higher than claimed at about 2400kv, but that is pretty close to tolerances. Overall this motor really nails it in its stator class.