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LDPower FR2307 2600kv
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A larger stator high-kv motor from LDPower in the FR series.

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Published: Jun 11, 2017

LDPower FR2307 2600kv<br />

Tested KV:2610kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:7mm
The FR series form LDPower has been a solid performer, acheiving good throttle linearity and smooth response as well as integrating some innovative design elements. The LDPower are interesting because they've opted to go for a different approach than flat out top end power, a tactic which I wish was more common.  This 2307 takes the series into the large stator space, translating those design philosophies beautifully. The motor retains the same hex shaped base to the prop adapter, probably my favorite feature of these motors, making prop changes super easy and allowing easy removal of damaged props. The only downside with the FR line is the PCB design of the base means you have to be cautious of screw length.  When mounting to my stand I needed to put nylon washers under the motor to preven the screws from impacting the PCB. The PCB does preven the screws from reaching the windings, but you'll definitely need to keep the exposed thread on your arm screws to 2mm or so to avoid putting pressure on the PCB. The weight of these motors is a tad heavy when compared to some 2207 motors, but managed quite well when compared to some of the other 2307 motors out there.  With an equivalent 45mm length of wire on the solder pads, the weight is just over 36g. Definitely not a light weight motor, but loads of torque to make up for it.


The results here fall in line with the previous FR series of motors, showing very smooth response and excellent linearity in exchange for a tiny bit of top end.  This monster makes up for that with higher KV, still creating some impressive output and easily clearing 1500g on the heavier 5" props. The larger stators here increase response time dramatically over the FR2305, but also increase current draw a good deal, hitting 40A peak on the heavy 5" props.  Still on mid-weight 5" loading, this motor produces some excellent results with reasonable current draw and very fast response.