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LDPower FR2305 2600kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


This is the high KV variant of the FR2305 series motor from LDPower, sent over by RacersEdgeFPV for testing.

Check out the full list of motors in this series here


Published: Nov 23, 2016 by quadmcfly

LDPower FR2305 2600kv

Tested KV:2630kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:5mm
This latest offering from LDPower really impressed me in the 2300kv motor, and the high KV variant hasn't disappointed.  The motor is very well built, and the design is well thought out with the hex wrench grip at the base ot he shaft and solder pads at the motor base.  The physical build quality on this motor is excellent with very tight tolerances, an extremely tight air gap, and very smooth bearings.  The motor is identical to the 2300kv except for the number of turns on the windings, so there's really nothing new here other than the results!  


The FR2305 series are the only other 2305 motors that I've tested other than the T-Motor F40II, so I was a bit curious how that translates in the results.  The results here tend to confirm the trend of adding stator width not really increasing torque production in any significant way.  The results here were very solid, falling just short of the Tornado T2, but when you consider the T2 is a 2205 and this motor is a 2305, I was hoping for a bit more out of the increased stator size.  That being said these results are not bad at all.  Very solid performance out of this motor, and I was very impressed with how smoothly it ran on the stand.  It was probably one of the smoothest motors I've run recently, staying very quiet with minimal vibrations through the whole throttle range.  Overall a very solid offering from LDPower.