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iFlight iPower IX2205M 2500kv
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This is another offering from a new entry into the mini-quad FPV motor market, iPower. iFlight RC sent it over for testing.

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Published: Dec 30, 2016

iFlight iPower IX2205M 2500kv<br />

Tested KV:2495kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:5mm
The plethora of new offerings in the miniquad space continues with this new motor from iFlight. The build quality on this iPower motor is quite good. The airgap between the stators and the magnets is tight, and the machining quality is excellent.  The hollow steel shaft is a nice touch.  The shaft is held in place with a standard 4mm circ-clip, though the shaft does appear to have a threaded area in the bottom.  This may be a pre-production version however, and threaded area may not be final.  The circ-clip is backed by a nice wide copper washer to protect the bearings, and addtional copper washers are used as spacers inside the bell. There is also balancing mud present inside the bell that indicates dynamic balancing was performed.  The motor is a tad heavy for a 2205, coming in at 29g.


It is always hard to know what to expect with new brands, and I was curious to see how this one performs.  Given the KV of this motor I was expecting a bit more out of this motor than what it hit.  Performance was on par with the 2205 2300kv higher performance motors from a few months ago, similar to the RS2205 2300kv on the lighter props. This motor lost a bit of ground on the heavier props as expected for the KV.  Based on the results, it appears the magnets used in this motor but rather N50, or similar.  Overall not poor results, but not top of the line either. Solid middle class performance, probably best on light weight props like the 5x4x3.