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Hawksky AT2207II 2400kv
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A new 2207 sent over by Hawksky for testing.

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Published: Jan 24, 2018 by quadmcfly

Hawksky AT2207II 2400kv

Tested KV:2350kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm
Hawksky is a recent addition to the mini-quad motor scene, but has already shown some excellent performance, and willingness to adapt to feedback. The latest revision of their 2207 is an excellent example of that. They have lightened the design significantly from the previously tested "A" version, reworked the bell and base of the design and made some excellent improvements internally, primarily to the air gap and overlapping the magnets half a mm either side of the stator height resulting in much higher magnetic field strength.  Even with the larger magnets, the weight dropped significantly coming in at just under 31g, down from over 35g.  The combined result is a completely reworked and quite improved version of the motor.


The resulting performance increase with this design was quite dramatic.  The output and torque increased significantly, providing a very powerful mid Kv motor for the weight.  The KV tested a bit lower than stated, coming in at 2350kv, which brings this motor thoroughly into the mid Kv category.  The primarily means increased flexibility in the range of viable props, effective down to lighter tri-blade 5" props all the way up to the heaviest 5" triblades and light to mid 6" props.  The really stunner here is a peak at just over 1900g on the new Lumenier 6x4 props.  Some crazy power for a very light motor, though it definitely comes at a current cost in the upper end of the throttle on the 6" props.  Efficiency and max draw on the 5" props, especially the lighter props remains very resonable.  A very stong performer here from Hawksky.