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HaloRC Icarus 2205 2500kv
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A small size light weight offering from HaloRC.

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Published: Oct 3, 2018 by quadmcfly

HaloRC Icarus 2205 2500kv

Tested KV:2450kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:5mm
HaloRC continues the trend of small motors, bringing another 2205 to the market. This design is one of the lightest weight we've seen yet, coming in right at 24g. The base design is a bit different with an oval shape rather than the typical X, though the change appears purely cosmetic. It also has retention to keep the wires from rubbing against the bottom edge of the motor bell, which has been a complaint on some of the existing open bottom designs.  The rest of the design follows the typical trends, using a titanium alloy shaft with retention screw. The same warning applies here with the 2mm retention bolt, and using quality tools and heating to loosen the loctite before removing remain solid suggestions.  HaloRC also kept the knurled bell below the prop adapter, which definitely earns it usability points.  Overall the Icarus is a strong light-weight offering from HaloRC.


The Kv on this motor tested a bit lower, coming in at around 2450kv, which puts it solidily in the mid-Kv category. The results are reflective of that lower Kv, especially with the smaller stator size and light weight design. It is interesting to compare this smaller stator size and lower Kv motor against it's higher Kv brethren in same stator class. The lighter weight props definitely show the lower Kv, but the heavier props aren't loading the motor up as much and tend to gain a bit of ground, though they don't fully catch up. This results in a tad bit of improved efficiency almost across the board with only a minimal loss of power. The same observations apply here on the smoothness and lower maximum power, as well as the ideal recomendations for light weight builds. It's also worth re-iterating balancing the loading between thrust and rate of change is critical on smaller stator motors. As with other motors in a similar class, this motor will probably be ideal on light weight tri-blade props, such as the v1s 5040 or 5043 triblades, or the Cyclone 5050 triblade.