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Gartt ML2206S 2400kv
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This is one of the many offerings from the economy motor company Gartt, sent over by a friendly community member for testing.

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Published: Dec 30, 2016 by quadmcfly

Gartt ML2206S 2400kv

Tested KV:2350kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:6mm

I've often seen very low priced offerings from Gartt on Amazon and eBay and wondered about the quality and performance.  When I a friend of the site offered to send some over for testing I jumped on it.  Gartt also contacted me independently and sent over one of their high KV motors as well, so this is the first of a number of Gartt motors that will appear on the site.  The build quality on the ML series is quite good for the price, though not on par with some of the higher end motors.  Machining is quite good and the motor is solidly built with no vertical play in the bearings, the bearings on the one I received were a bit rough out of the box.  The motor weighs in a bit on the heavy side at 31g for a 2206.  The air gap is not super tight, but not extremely large either.  My biggest complaint is that the motor comes with a bullet prop nut, rather then the hex lock nuts we're used to, and the shaft is short enough that a low profile prop nut will be necessary.  Overall the motor is a solid middle of the road

Test Results

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this motor, but performance was very solid.  The numbers are on par with the ZMXv3/Returner R3 2206 motors, though the weight is significantly more.  The Gartt loses a small bit of ground on the heavier loading props, but overall very respectable results.