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FPVAces X4Pro 2207 2350kv
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This is the first of the X4Pro series of motors sent over by FPVAces for testing, the beastly 2207!

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Published: Nov 21, 2016 by quadmcfly

FPVAces X4Pro 2207 2350kv

Tested KV:2380kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm

This was my first experience with this line of motors from FPVAces, though I have seen a number of motors from the same manufacturer come across the bench.  This custom build for their shop is a very solid motor. Machining is high quality, and tolerances are tight.  The matte finish is a nice touch, and the blue accent colors provide a nice visual.  The magnets are square magnets and the air-gap is quite good, though not as tight as some of the other motors to hit bench.  As with some of the other motors recently, the primary concerns with this motor are the 3mm internal shaft and the weight, coming in at just over 35g.  As mentioned before the 3mm internal shaft is not necessarily a problem, but typically 4mm bearings and shafts hold up better over time on heavier motors, and the 35g weight may not be an issue depending on the style of flying and prop combination. Overall, a solidly built motor.  One interesting thing to note here is that the magnets are only N50SH.  This was an intentional choice with this motor to scale back the magnets a bit in favor of better temperature stability specifically geared towards running this motor at higher voltages.  This first test of this motor is 4S only, but I will be starting a higher voltage test sequence on the motors and ESCs that are designed to handle it down the road, so keep an eye out for that.

Test Results

NOTE: This motor is one of the first motors tested on the new power supply equipment. If you haven't already read the write-up on the MQTB Facebook page, it gives a good deal of information on the thought that went into these changes to the testing equipment.  As a result the numbers here aren't going to be 100% comparable to the other motors that have previously been tested, but they will still be close enough for valid comparison.  The numbers on the new tests will be a bit low on the lighter props compared to the older tests, evening out on the heavier loads.

The results on this motor at 4S were very solid, but not overwhelming. The numbers were on par with a number of the higher performing 2206 motors, but a bit short of the top of the line 2206 and 2207 motors.  The gain is that top end current draw is also reduced a bit.  Response times remained quite fast thanks the 2207 stator height. The slightly higher KV than some of the more powerful motors seems to have balanced with the slightly weaker magnets to still put this motor in very good territory.  It will be interesting to see how these results translate into higher voltage territory.