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Emax RS2205 2600kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


This motor continues the high KV testing range I started last month, but is moving back into the 2205 range where the original RotorGeeks 2700kv motor started the high KV trend. This is the high KV version of the famous "Red Bottom" Race Series Emax motors.  Emax sent this motor over for testing.  The build and look of the motor is identical to the 2300kv variant. Infact, I would guess the bells are actually the same, given that this test model has the three in 2300kv simply filled in to indicate its the 2600kv motor.  The same tight tolerances and solid build of the 2300kv apply here, in fact the only variance I could find is that single mark on the bell.  Impressive engineering and build quality in these, even in the lower end cooling series motors.  Emax has really stepped up their game here. One thing that struck me about this motor is how smooth it ran.  At high KV any imbalances really start to show, but this one ran smooth through the whole throttle range on pretty much every prop.  It seems to be more resistant to prop balance issues thanks to more rotational mass in the bell, but that comes at a 30g pricetag, so for a smaller build that may rule out these motors.


This motor definitely continues the insane trend started by the 2300kv RS2205.  I've never seen performance like this out of a motor in this class.  It has set the standard for high KV motors that will be hard to catch.  The combination of stator size, strong magnets and tight tolerances create an RPM efficiency that surpasses motors with significantly higher KV.

I went ahead and ran the 3" props on this one just out of curiosity and got about what I expected. The relatively lower kv of this motor compared to the others in this series is really showing here, with sub 400g results for both 3" props.  This trend continued into the lighter weight 4" props, with expected performance up to the HQ4x4.  This is where it starts getting nuts.  The leap between the 4x4 and the 4x4.5BN is almost 100g, easily breaking the 900g mark, and the extra torque this motor has really starts to shine.  The heaviest 4" prop it tested, the DAL 4x4.5x3 handily broke the 1kg mark at 1073g!  As with several of the other motors in this high KV series, the thrust comes at high amp draw, clearing 30A on the same prop.  That prop is one of the least efficient tested though, so other numbers look much better, but still, you'll need a strong battery for this one.

Suprisingly enough with this motor, it's the 5" props where it really seems to excell.  The Diatone Ghost breaks 1kg at only 20A, as usual the most efficient prop by far. Unfortunately it's also the most flexible and unbalanced as well, so what that looks like in the air may be very different.  It picks up from there though, with the 5x4 breaking 1100g, and the Gemfan 5x4.5 hybrid bullnose boasting an impressive 1277g!  The king of the hill here is the 5x4x3 though, rating a whopping 1350g thrust on a 5" prop!  That's some power, but it comes at the cost of 32A, which the motor handled with ease,barely getting warm.  Across the board this motor acheived about a 2000rpm HIGHER peak than the RotorGeeks 2205 2700kv, despite being 100kv lower.  We'll see as the other motors roll in if anyone can take the crown, but so far (as with the 2300kv) this is going to be a tough act to follow. As always be sure to click to through to the full results.