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Emax Eco 2306 2400kv
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A new offering from Emax designed to reach the economy segment.

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Published: Feb 22, 2019 by quadmcfly

Emax Eco 2306 2400kv

Tested KV:2300kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
Emax has a long history here on the bench, producing a huge range of motors with a variety of performance goals. This latest motor is designed to meet the economy segment, hitting a significantly lower price point than Emax's other various offerings. The design is based largely on the LS series motors, with some slight cosmetic changes, and some more significant structural changes.  The shaft is a single piece hardened steel shaft with a bolt retainer, and the internal bearings are 9x4x4 class bearings, I think a lesson learned from the issues in the RSII design. The windings have been epoxied at the base, which is a nice touch.The magnets are square, rather than arc, but have a suitably tight air gap. They also appear to be a bit lower strength than the magnets used in the other Emax lines. Given the target market for these, those changes are not unexpected, and given the typcal application in that market, not likely a problem for the majority of users.  The windings are Emax's typical multi-strand winds. All things taken together, the build quality on these is quite remarkable for the price-point. While the design is definitely a more conservative approach, it is very well executed.


The results here are an expected match for the fairly conservative design approach, and are probably just about ideal for the intended market. Kv tested a bit lower than stated, coming closer to 2300 than 2400kv. Results show decent range of performance, with high efficiency numbers across the board and respecatable performance. While this motor is definitely not at the top of the performance charts for its Kv and stator size, it definitely meets expectations for a modern light-weight motor on pretty much the entire range of props. The conservative nature of the design makes this motor extremely flexible, giving easy control on the lighter torque loaded 5" props and delivering solid power for decent efficiency up into the 6" range. Taking everything into account, this is a very solid choice for pilots looking for a flexible motor that doesn't break the bank.