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EFAW 2407R 2500kv
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The much anticipated high-end offering from EFAW in the large stator class.

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Published: Sep 3, 2017

EFAW 2407R 2500kv<br />

Tested KV:2440kv
Stator W:24mm
Stator H:7mm
Since before this motor was on the market, it has gotten a lot of attention due to some of it's unique design parameters, use of high quality materials and components, and  large stator size.  I've had many requests for this motor, and I'm glad to finally get it on the bench. EFAW has been extremely responsive to user feedback, making some changes to the design based on the market needs. This is a great benefit, but unfortunately has caused a bit of a delay in getting these on the bench while the design was settling. The final design in the latest was worth the wait, the machining and build quality are stellar, the airgap is quite tight, and the design is visually striking.  The motor has all the modern bells and whistles we've come to expect, but goes a bit further in some areas.  The minimal base combined with a light bell design brings the large stator size down in weight to just over 36g, which is a pretty amazing acheivement given the 2407 stator. The motor mount patter is 16x16mm rather than the traditional 16x19mm which may limit some builds to two screws per motor, and eliminate the motor as an option on some frames like the Kraken Worx with only two 19mm holes. The flux ring on the bell also has a lip to retain the magnets, which essentially eliminates slipped magnets.  Overall a really gorgeous motor with some interesting design characteristics.


The design goals of this motor are somewhat unique in that this motor seeks to strike a balance between power, efficiency, and response times.  The results here confirm that it largely succeeded in those goals, showing some strong power output, solid response times, and fairly conservative peak current draw for a motor of it's size and KV. It falls a good bit behind the 2207 and 2306 high KV thrust kings, but also hits about 7A less current at peak output, which is fairly significant gain for only about 1g increased weight over most of the motors in that class. It is interesting to note the performance here is essentially identical to the Cobra Champion 2207 2450kv in both thrust and current draw, though given the similarities in KV, that isn't too surprising. All things considered, it seems EFAW hit the goal fairly well with this motor; a solid motor with excellent build quality and a decent balance between power, response, and efficiency.