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DYS SunFun 2207 2400kv
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A new motor in the economy line from DYS.

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Published: Apr 16, 2019 by quadmcfly

DYS SunFun 2207 2400kv

Tested KV:2325kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm
DYS has long been a solid middle of the road performer in the FPV industry with a steady line of mid-range and economy motors since the early days of FPV. The Sun Fun series is latest offering in their line-up, providing a solid low-cost option in the 2207 mid-kv range. Build quality is on par with DYS's previous offerings, providing a very serviceable fit and finish with most of the features we have come to expect from FPV class motors. The single piece hardened steel shaft is retained with a circ-clip rather than a set screw in order save weight and cost, but this may not be a loss depending on your perspective. The interenal portion of the shaft is solid but only 3mm in diameter. This allow the use of lighter 3mm internal diameter bearings, and an overall weight reduction at some minor durability losses. Even with the weight savings from the shaft and bearings, the motor comes in a tad heavy for a 2207 at just over 33g, likely due to the construction of the bell and base, and the thickness of the magnets and flux ring. 


Given the target market segment for this motor, the results are pretty much right where expected, with the bulk of the 5" tri-blade props coming in around the 1300g mark at full throttle. Kv tested a tad lower than stated, coming a bit closer to 2300kv than 2400kv.  Response curves stay pretty consistent even on heavier props thanks to the larger stator size, but the more conservative design approach limits the rate of RPM change somewhat.  This motor falls in the category of very flexible motors that will perform well on a large range of props, from light weight 5" tri-blades all the way up to light-loaded 6" options.  If you're looking for power and weight handling the heavier loaded 5" and light 6" props will be your best option, while pilots with lighter builds looking for a snappier feel will do well on the lighter 5" props. Overall this is a flexible option for pilots looking for a wide range of applications.