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DYS Storm 2207 2500kv
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The 2207 stator version of the DYS race series motors, sent over by DYS for testing.

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Published: Apr 24, 2017 by quadmcfly

DYS Storm 2207 2500kv

Tested KV:2480kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm
DYS is one of the older names in the hobby, and has been producing motors and electronics in this hobby since the early days of miniquads.  Their original BE1806 2300kv motor was one of first the motors that made the miniquad revolution possible. Since then DYS has released a number of motors, though none as transformative as the old BE1806. The SE2205 did fairly well, but DYS changed the magnets and shaft design a number of times during production, which muddied the waters a bit. This motor follows on the heals of the Fire series of 2206 motors, which was an interesting move away from max power to more efficiency.  The Storm series continues that trend with 0.10mm stator laminations, square magnets rather than arc magnets, and a rather conservative air gap. Fortunately, they've traded the old screw design for the original c-clip on the single piece machined shaft design. Given the problems with stripped screws on the previous DYS motors, and the issues of screws falling out on some other brands, this is probably a move in the right direction.  They manage to do this all while coming in at a quite respectable 33g, which is definitely on the light side for a 2207, though not as light as a few other players on the market.  Overall an interesting move from DYS, and a departure from what we typically see in the larger stator motors.


The results here fall in line with the design goals of the Storm motor.  This is a motor more concerned with efficiency than outright power, and the numbers show that.  That being said, the power is definitely not lacking either, though it isn't the insane numbers we see on some of the other major players.  This motor easily clears 1100g even on the lightest prop, drawing a mere 24A at full static load.  The heavier 5" props are clearing 1400g of thrust in the low 30A range, which is very respectable.  Overall these motors are a strong performer in the freestyle market, providing a good balance of power, weight, and efficiency.  Performance falls in just barely behind the Emax RS2306 2400kv on the lighter props, though the gap widens on the heavier props due to the larger air gap on the Storm. The design choices however are likely to result in less feedback issues with sensitive flight controllers, and a slightly less aggressive tuning envelope. Solid performance here from DYS, with a slightly different approach, though the usual rules apply when checking for un-published changes to the design.  So far that hasn't been an issue with the Fire/Storm motors yet, but the experience with the SE2205 motors is cautionary.