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DroneBuildz Demon 2207 2450kv
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A new offering from DroneBuildz in the large stator mid-Kv space.

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Published: Nov 29, 2018 by quadmcfly

DroneBuildz Demon 2207 2450kv

Tested KV:2370kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm
With the ease and relatively low barrier to entry for custom motors it becomes increasingly difficult to set yourself apart from the plethora of motors on the market. DroneBuildz has put the Demon series of motors into play against this market and has done an excellent job in production. For the most part the motors have all the bells and whistles we expect to see from a current generation design: Titanium alloy shaft, 9x4x4 bearings with retaining screw, 16x16 mount with an open base design, very tight air-gap with strong arc magnets, and thick single-wire winds.  With all those expected design features there are two things that set this motor apart from many of the others that have crossed the bench. The top of the bell where the prop touches the aluminum has an awesome grip with deep and appropriately wide groves that provide excellent grip on the prop without needing to overtighten the nuts. This is very noticeable when changing many props back-to-back as we do when bench testing.  The second thing of note here is the weight. This is one of the lighter 2207s we've seen coming in at right at 30g with 40mm of wire. This puts it in direct competition with the Primo and Xilo 2207s for weight, and pits it against motors with much smaller stator size in terms of weight class. The bell design is a nice aesthetic touch as well. My only comlaint out of everything this motor presents is the shaft retention bolt is smaller than I'd like to see, with a 1.5mm hex drive rather than the preferable 2 or 2.5mm drive. I was able to remove it without issues, but the chances of stripping the head of the bolt are definitely higher with the smaller drive. That is a fairly minor complaint though given all the positives this motor presents.


Results here are solid, and about what's expected for a motor in this size, weight, and Kv class. Kv tested out a little lower than 2400kv, which is still reasonable for the rating.  The Kv makes this a very flexible motor, able to push a wide range of props. Even the lightest props tested easily cleared 1300g at full throttle, making some decent power for a decent weight and solid efficiency.  The 2207 stator size still gives this motor loads of torque to push heaveir props as well, breaking 1500g on the heaviest 5" props and clearly demonstrating the remaining torque with big jump in power on the lighter 6" props.  The results here point to a robust motor that is has a larger range of applications, working well from light weight racers all the way to heavier freestyle rigs.