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Drone Art Aurora 2305 2500kv
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Drone Art's first motor offering in the mid Kv range.

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Published: Aug 20, 2018 by quadmcfly

Drone Art Aurora 2305 2500kv

Tested KV:2400kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:5mm
Drone Art has been teasing this motor for a while, showing off the unique visual work on the bell. The production quality of this motor is excellent, showing of the skills T-Motor brings to the table from the machining and assembly perspective.  The specifications here are solid with the typical array we see in the current generation of high production quality motors: single piece machined titanium alloy shaft with retention screw, 9x4x4 bearings, strong magnets, tight air-gap, arc magnets with a retaining lip in the flux ring, silver plated wires, and a 16x16mm mount with an open bottom design.  The most striking element here is the design of the bell, with the biohazard symbol integrated into the upper support structure. This motor also is also one of the recent group of smaller stator motors, using the 2305 stator size to keep the weight fairly low. As a result it comes in at just over 27g even with the larger, more durable bearings. Some really appealing work here from Drone Art.


With the lower stator size and conservative Kv rating, this motor is designed to provide smooth and efficeint handling. The Kv tested a good bit lower than stated coming in right at 2400kv.  The results show that pretty clearly here, with quite conservative performance, but very low max current values. It's really interesting to watch the interplay between Kv and torque, and how different props respond to the varrying torque capacity of the motors at different throttle points.  As with other smaller stator motors there is definitely an impact on the throttle curve, giving the motor a quicker onset of thrust on the first part of the throttle while reducing the max current draw and RPMs near the top.  This sacrifices some top end speed without major sacrifices in the normal throttle range.  The mid-range Kv of this motor combined with the smaller stator size puts the ideal prop in mid to heavy loaded 5" tri-blade. Even though I chose not to run them on the stand due to the limitations of static load testing, light loaded 6" props are feasible but will suffer from slower response times particularly on the braking side. It should be quite efficient on 6" but won't have the grunt for agressive acrobatics.