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Cobra Champion 2205 2500kv
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This is the high KV version of the Champion 2205 series, sent over by Cobra Systems for testing.

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Published: Dec 30, 2016

Cobra Champion 2205 2500kv<br />

Tested KV:2495kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:5mm
After the very solid performance of the other Champion series motors that have been tested, I was very curious to see how this higher KV 2205 would do.  The build quality is identical to the already tested 2300kv variant, so there is nothing new there.  The only difference here will be the results.


Given the success of the 2300kv version of this motor, it is very interesting to see the difference an extra 200kv makes in the perfromance.  This motor is definitely adds significantly to the performance of the motor.  The 2500kv choice is an interesting one here, and results in a good mid-range motor, that gets very decent thrust, but isn't has hard on the battery as some of the higher KV motors.  The amp draw on the heavier 5" props was only in the 35A range, which compared to the 40+A on some of the other high KV motors tested is a decent balance.  The Champion 2500kv still manages to hit right at 1400g peak on some of the heavier props, which is very respectable.   It especailly shines on lighter weight props like the 5x4x3 where it hits 1300g of thrust at only 30A current. Overall this motor is a good balance of power and peak current draw.