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Brother Hobby R3 1106-7100kv


The higher Kv of the R3 1106 motor line

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Published: Mar 26, 2018

Brother Hobby R3 1106-7100kv

Tested KV:7100kv
Stator W:11mm
Stator H:6mm

Mirroring what we've seen in static thrust tests, the 7100kv R3 is pretty disappointing overall.  Large lack of efficiency at lower power levels, and a much smaller sweet spot at high power put it at a disadvantage.  It appears to have a general lack of torque as well, so it's not able to maintain it's rpm as well under high loads.  At extremely light loading, lighter than a DYS 2030x4, it's extra Kv can carry it a bit further, and it would be better served with higher voltage at light loads than being a brute at high prop loading.  It's fairly well matched to light 3" prop loads, but is perhaps a little more closely suited to a 2.5" loading.

calibration report - most recent dyno calibration at the time this test was run