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Bolt Worx 2206W 2350kv
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The 2206 version of the light weight motor by BoltRC in the Worx line.

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Published: Aug 22, 2017 by quadmcfly

Bolt Worx 2206W 2350kv

Tested KV:2290kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:6mm
This is the little brother of the previous Worx motor tested a few months ago, and it it bears the same design principles and quality.  The only difference here is the slightly smaller stator size and the reduced weight.  This motor comes in at 26.5g which is unheard-of for a 2206 of this build, construction quality, and performance. The bottom mount is designed specifically to fit the Worx frame with only two mount holes, which could be a problem for some frames. Given this motor is specifically designed for the works frame, and to be light weight though, it is somewhat expected. Obviously the low weight and design of the base comes at a durablity cost, but also expected given the design constraints. Overall this motor achieves exactly the purpose for which it was intended.


Results here are definitely more conservative than its 2207 counterpart, but still extremely respectable for it's stator size and weight.  The biggest gains here are the combination of weight and stator size giving a dramatic increase in efficiency over the competing 2205 (and even 2204 in the 26g class).  The motor is capable of hitting higher thrust at lower KV and much lower energy cost compared to motors of equivalent weight.  Given the inteded application and the frame for which this motor was designed, a sub 400g racer with 2206 motors is feasible, which is quite impressive. The larger stator size compared to the other motors in the weight class means this motor can spin heavier higher pitch props with no problem, which gives you increased flexibility on a light-weight rig.