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BBB 3B-R2206 2500kv
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This is another new player in the motor game with an impressive first offering in the 2206 class.

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Published: Mar 30, 2017 by quadmcfly

BBB 3B-R2206 2500kv

Tested KV:2560kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:6mm
I regularly get test motors in from somewhat unknown names in the hobby, and I'm never quite sure what to expect.  It's always an adventure when opening packages from these wild-cards and this time I was very pleasantly surprised.  The qualityof the machining and the manufacturing tolerances of this motor were impressive right out of the box.  The bright purple of the motor and the polished silver of the accents create a really excellent visual combination. The motor spins smooth, and the fit and finish are excellent.  It has very thick arc magnets and balancing mud inside the bell. The top design has cooling channels similar to the Emax motors. The bell design is somewhat of an older design with 3mm steel shaft, and a standard 3mm c-clip to retain it. One interesting feature is that the 3mm steel shaft continues all the way to the top of the prop adapter section of the bell, and you can see the top of it inside the hollow aluminum threaded portion of the bell. It also weighs in a bit heavy for a 2206 at just over 33g. Overall quite an impressive design for a first entry into the field. The only question is whether the results match the looks!


This motor tested in a bit higher KV than the labelled 2500kv, landing right at 2560kv.  The results here were impressive and definitely reflect that.  I have to say I wasn't prepared for how well this motor did.  Comparing the results, this motor keeps right up with the F40Pro 2400kv (really 2500kv, so still a valid comparison), outperforming it a bit on some of the lighter props and keeping pace on the heavier ones.  It looses a bit of efficiency due to the slightly higher KV, but overall extremely respectable results, especially given the relative weight. As I said, an impressive first entry for BBB.  Be sure to check out the full results above, and run some comparisons of your own in the Data Explorer!