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AOKFly 2205(5.5) 2300kv Full Results [CLICK HERE]


This motor was sent over by AOKFly, a new player in the motor game.   They have several additional sizes in the works that I hope to test, but this is their first motor.  

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Given that AOKFly is a totally new motor manufacturer, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this motor.  I didn't even know what the motor looked like till I got the box!  Build quality on these is top notch.  Bearings are super smooth and machinging is very high quality. The motor is a bit heavy, coming in at 31g,but overall it's a really nice loooking motor.  I was really quite impressed.  So many of the motors I've been seeing across the bench these days are showing some great quality, and this one is no exception. It's worth mentioning that while the supports between the outer bell and the inner hub look deceptively thin, uppon closer examination they are quite tall, about 2.5mm total, so strength here shouldn't be an issue.  It also appears to be 7075 aluminum. This motor has very tight tolerances, and the airgap is quite close.  It also has arced magnets.  It is difficult to tell how thick the magnets are due to the flange at the bottom of the bell housing that holds the magnets in place. The flange is a nice touch, and should help preven magnet slipping even if the glue has issues.  Looks are one thing, though, the bigger question is how it can do on the bench.

Now on to the bench results!

Test Results

The results here surpised me a bit on a couple fronts.  The smaller props didn't do amazingly well, a bit below the higher performing N52 magnets out there.  It wasn't until the heavier props that this motor started really showing it's colors.  It basically matched the lower end of the high performance N52 motors in terms of thrust, but once I started looking at the data I realized it was blowing them all way in terms of transition speeds.  It reached RPMs much faster than most of the other motors in the same thrust range, and the results didn't look right for N52 magnets, but it was still matching the N52s for thrust.  I finally realized what was going on and popped the bell off, and sure enough, stator size is actually 5.5mm.  This explains the performance here on a number of levels.  Also based on the testing these appear to be N45SH magnets.  The performance here was decent, but I think there is potential here for a lot more.  The design is nice, and an upgrade to N50SH or N52SH would push this to a whole new level of performance.  I think AOKFly will be one to watch as they continue to improve the design.