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Airblade AB1105 7500kv


Airblade's midsized micro motor

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Published: Jul 18, 2019

Airblade AB1105 7500kv

Tested KV:7235kv
Stator W:mm
Stator H:mm

Favors lighter 2.5" and 2" loadings, this motor lacks the torque to really drive much higher loaded props.  The lack of torque causes it to suffer in thrust delivery even with light loads compared to other motors, where without a significant KV advantage total thrust potential is lower basically across the board.  Contrast this with the 10000KV version of the same motor, which while it also gives only middling efficiency numbers, does have extra KV headroom to distinguish itself in thrust delivery on light 2" props . Efficiency is ok, staying above 50% for all but the heaviest of 3" loads, but at peak only hits about 70%, which isn't as high as other offerings.  At mid throttle range for even light 2" props it also struggles to stay above 50% efficiency. Although it lacks torque to drive higher loads at speed the motor does seem to handle them well enough without falling off a cliff from thermal issues. Even down to 50% loading at full power the dropoff is barely perceptible.  


calibration report - most recent dyno calibration at the time this test was run