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Airblade AB1105 10000kv


Airblade's midsized micro motor

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Published: Jul 18, 2019

Airblade AB1105 10000kv

Tested KV:9422kv
Stator W:mm
Stator H:mm

Favors lighter 2.5" and 2" loadings, this motor lacks the torque to really drive much higher loaded props.  Efficiency is ok, staying above 50% for all but the heaviest of 3" loads, but at peak barely hits 80%, which isn't as high as other offerings.  Although it lacks torque to drive higher loads at speed the motor does seem to handle them well enough without falling off a cliff from thermal issues.  Even down to 50% loading at full power the dropoff is barely perceptible.  


calibration report - most recent dyno calibration at the time this test was run