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360 Hobbies Orbit 2205 2550kv
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A small size light weight offering from 360 Hobbies.

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Published: Oct 3, 2018 by quadmcfly

360 Hobbies Orbit 2205 2550kv

Tested KV:2520kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:5mm
This motor from 360 Hobbies continues an interesting trend we've seen in custom specced motors lately moving back to smaller and more conservative stator sizes.  It's been some time since we saw common 2205 motors, but there seem to be several options popping back up in the 2205/2305 space, with more on the way.  This 360 Hobbies offering is a very light weight motor coming in at just over 24g, with all the modern bells and whistles such as a titanium alloy shaft and 16x16 motor mount. The knurled bell at the base of the motor shaft is an excellent touch, and a small thing that makes a big difference in the usability of a motor. The bearings are 8mm with a 3mm internal shaft, which given the low mass design should provide reasonable duarbility. The retaining bolt for the shaft is only 1.5mm hex drive, which can be somewhat difficult to deal with without high quality tools, but should be workable with the correct care. Heating the screw to loosen the loctite would be recommended before attempting to remove the screw. All of this is designed to keep the weight low, so some compromises between usability and weight have to be found. Overall I think 360 Hobbies did an excellent job balancing the factors, and have created a light weight motor while sacrificing as little as possible.


Given the lower stator size and lighter weight of this motor, I tested it on some lighter dual blade 5" props even though the Kv tested at only just over 2500kv.  The results are pretty much as expected with the smaller stator size and light weight design. The Kv on the upper side of the mid-Kv range makes up for some differences, but the maximum power and response times of this motor are definitely affected by the smaller stator size.  This will result in a very smooth motor that doesn't have quite the immediacy of the larger stator sizes that have been popular for the last year or so. As a result this motor will definitely excel in the light weight environment, being ideal for ultra-light 5" rigs looking for maximum flight times and smoothness. Smaller motors can be a bit tricky to balance, as heavy props that generate more thrust also tend to have slower changes in RPMs making the quad feel a bit less locked in. In that light this motor will probably be ideal on light weight tri-blade props, such as the v1s 5040 or 5043 triblades, or the Cyclone 5050 triblade.