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ZMX v1 2205 2300kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


This motor is another one of the new batch of 2205 motors hitting the market right now, the ZMX 2205 2300kv.  Silver-Drone sent one of the first batch over for testing.  Note there will be a version 2 of this motor that will be slightly different. I should be getting one of those to test once production is complete as well. Once I've done the full bank of motors, I'll do a document sumarizing the direct comparisons.

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With the rush of performance and racing needs in the hobby right now there are an increasing number of 2205 motors on the market, trying to strike the balance between performance on one hand and weight on the other.  The Emax has balanced more in favor of performance and trade off on weight. This ZMX 2205 2300 motor seems to be striking a blance in the middle. Weighing in at 27g, this motor is still well built and solid. The design of the bell in the v1 looks very similar to the Cobra 2300kv, with 4 holes instead of 3 in the top of the bell, though the design is said to be chainging fairly significantly for the v2 motor. The bearings are smooth, and the windings are very solid. The windings look to be hand wound with very thick wire. The bearings are smooth and the motors are tight with no vertical play in the shaft. Another bonus with this motor is that it is designed to be easily maintained. There is a set screw for the shaft, and all the parts come apart easily for repair and replacement. As a result, if you get or already have these, be sure to check the set screw periodically and preemptively locktite the screw in place. The set screw is also a standard size screw instead of the ultra micro set screws used on many of the other motors out there, which makes it easier to deal with and less likely to strip. Overall the build quality on these is quite high, especailly at the price point these motors are hitting. Unfortunately as of right now, all the v1s appear to be sold out, which means you'll most likely have to wait for the v2s. 

Now on to the bench results!

Test Results

These motors did extremely well on the stand.  Right now the only motor to have done better is the Emax RS2205 2300kv.  There are some very impressive numbers there, especially for the weight of this motor.  Across the board this motor outperformed the Cobra 2300kv (the gold standard of the last several years) by a fairly significant margin.  The performance was fairly consistant across the range of tests.  On the higher end props, it did heat up a good bit, hotter than several other of the 2205 motors, but it cooled down rapidly, so the heat may only be due to better thermal transfer. Even with the heat though, there was no significant smell of resin, and the coils seem to have held up very well.  Also this motor held up suprisingly well torque-wise.  The Gemfan 5x4.6BN (HQ 5x4.5BN equivalent) usually doesn't do well in static load tests due to it's high profile. Usually this results in numbers that are quite a bit lower than the lighter weight props at much higher amp draw.  In this case with the ZMX it managed to maintain an average of over 1kg of thrust, only getting beaten out by the 5x4x3 for a 5" prop.  Amp draw was still significantly higher on the 5x4.6 in static loading, but I would expect significant unloading in the air on that prop.  Overall, this motor had very solid performance, and great power for the weight.