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T-Motor F40 Full Results  [CLICK HERE]



This is the third test in the 2300kv motor test series.  This time it's the Tiger Motor F40 2300kv motor.  This is motor was a sample sent to me by Tricked FPV for testing (Thanks!). As always, please give me any feedback on ways to improve it or make it the comparisons clearer.  Once I've done the full bank of motors, I'll do a document sumarizing the direct comparisons.

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Now on to the details!


These motors are rock solid.  The build quality is like a tank, and the bearings are extremely smooth.  The F series has a 4mm shaft instead of 3mm, and larger bearings.  This seems to come at a bit of a trade-off though as they have kept the 22mm stator diameter, which means the stators are losing almost 1mm inner diameter.  To mitigate this and gain back at least some of the diameter, T-Motor has moved the bearings above and below the stators making the motor taller, at the cost of increased weight.  Unforunately as these motors were loaned to me for testing I haven't yet been able to tear them appart to take exact measurements.  If I can get one that I can sacrifice, I'll tear it apart and take some measurements.  The windings are multistrand widings, and look well-wound.  Stator size seems to be true 2204 measured externally as I could.  Now on to the results!

Test Results

There weren't really any suprises here.  The motor performed decently across the entire range, without being either poor or stellar.  Thanks to the larger shaft and heavier bell, efficiency was down a bit compared to the other motors I've tested so far.  This is the first of the true 2204 motors I've tested though, both of the others in the series have been 2205, so the F40 is about right where I'd expect it to be.  I've got 5 other 2204 motors in the queue for this week, so there will be better comparisons as more results roll in.  Keep checking back for updates