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Scorpion 2205 2350kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]



The Scorpion 2204's big brother, the 2205 2350kv is up on the docket! Thanks to Scorpion for sending these over for testing. As always, please give me any feedback on ways to improve it or make it the comparisons clearer.  Once I've done the full bank of motors, I'll do a document sumarizing the direct comparisons.

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Now on to the golden motor awards!


After the average performance of the 2204 motor, I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this one.  As with little bro, there is white balancing mud present inside the bell.  The bearings are the same smoothness, and machineing quality is identical. This one is even heavier, weighing in at 30g for the 2205 (same as the Emax RS2205). As I mentioned in the 2204 summary, this one is more gold in appearance where the 2204 was more yellow than gold (See photo at the right).  Now on to the results!

Test Results

I was quite suprised by this motor!  Performance started out fairly average on the 4" props, but these things really began to shine on the heavier loading.  Starting with the 5x4 prop and moving up this motor began to pull away from the competition.  On the heavier props this motor outpeformed the Cobra 2204(2205) by a small margin, though still falling short of the beastly Emax 2205. From looking at the numbers, it appears the Scorpion benefits from being slighly more efficient than the Cobra in terms of amp draw, causing a bit less sag on the battery and gaining RPMs for it. That places this motor in the very solid performing category! Unfortunately the weight at 30g may reduce the appeal to some, but for those looking for a more economical and readily available alternative to the Cobra, this could be an option. As always be sure to click through to the full results at the top of the article.