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Scorpion 2204 2300kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]



The Scorpion 2204 2300kv is another in the 2300kv motor test series. This motor was sent as a sample sent by Scorpion for testing (Thanks!). As always, please give me any feedback on ways to improve it or make it the comparisons clearer.  Once I've done the full bank of motors, I'll do a document sumarizing the direct comparisons.

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Now on to the golden delicious!


This was also my first experience with Scorpion motors. The build quality on these was quite nice.  There is white balancing mud present inside the bell.  The bearings are very smooth, and machineing is decent.  Tolerances are not extremely tight, but everything appears well made. Overall, their definitely very decent quality for their price point.  The only downside is they seem to be a bit heavy at 27g for the 2204. The gold finish is quite striking against the black bell casing, though this 2204 was more yellow than gold (See photo at the right).  They come in CW and CCW threads, and I believe they come in sets of two most of the time, but I only needed a single unit of each for testing. Now on to the results!

Test Results

The results on this 2204 were very middle of the road.  They did fine, and seemed to handle the heat decently, but nothing really stood out in the results. It was very much on par with the other stock 2204 motors like the 2204 Quanum motor and the original (never released) T-Motor F40 2204.  In fact the results were so similar to the F40 that they essentially might as well have been the same motor! RPMs were within a hundred RPMs of each other on almost every prop.  Other than that, there's not much else of interest here. As always be sure to click through to the full results at the top of the article.