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RCX H2205 2350kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]



This test is the first in a series coming down the pipe covering 2300kv motors.  I'm covering both 2205 and 2204 motors and running the same range of props where possible on each.  The data will all be presented in the same format, and I've developed a new standardized document template for in Google Sheets for displaying the critical information.  Please give me any feedback on ways to improve it or make it the comparisons clearer.  Once I've done the full bank of motors, I'll do a document sumarizing the direct comparisons.

Check out the full list of motors in this series here

Now on to the nitty-gritty!


This motor as well as the others in the H2205 line (keep checking for future tests on the 1850kv and the 2633kv versions!) was sent over for testing by myrcmart.com.  These motors have become very popular in the last few months, causing some availablility issues, and the price to rise for a bit. There was also a recent change to the design based on user feedback, and an issue with the bells coming use.  The v2 motors/bells have two set screws to hold the bell in place instead of just glue on the v1s.  Overall the build of these motors is quite good, they come pretty well balanced for the most part and typically come pretty smooth out of the box.  Every now and then there are reports of rough bearings, some other small issues, but for a $10-13 motor, you can't ask for perfection.  All the parts are also available for purchase, from bearings to shafts to the entire bell assemnbly, and the motor is quite easily servicable.  The bells do appear to be made from a fairly soft aluminum, so they can deform on hard crashes.  The windings are multi-strand, but look neat and nicely done.  They are held in place by small globs of epoxy to keep them from slipping, which can bubble a bit if the motor gets hot.  The motor wires that leave the casing are nice multistrand coper, with flexible silicon insulation.  They work well all the way down to within a cm or so of the housing, and are uncoated.  The weight listed by myrcmart is accurate, with the motor weighing in with wires at 24g.

Test Results

These did quite well on the bench.  They had some issues with the 5x4.6 Gemfan props and I saw pretty dramatic RPM sag at the top end with the King Kong 6x4s.  Everything else went quite well.  The motor did get quite warm, and I smelled resin on anything above the gemfan 5x4.5 rounded bullnose. No real suprises here other than that. Solid performance for the price and weight. Check the data linked above for the full story.