Testing made possible by generous donations from:

Sumax Innovation 2207 2600kv

KV: 2525kv - Weight: 29.8g - Stator Width: 22mm - Stator Height: 7mm

The latest light weight high kV motor in the larger stator segment, sent over by Sumax for testing.

T-Motor F40III 2306 2750kv

KV: 2600kv - Weight: 32.6g - Stator Width: 23mm - Stator Height: 6mm

The high KV option in the F40III line-up, sent over by T-Motor.

Garila J2506 2750kv

KV: 2660kv - Weight: 38.3g - Stator Width: 25mm - Stator Height: 6mm

This is the next large stator iteration of the Garila line of motors, sent over by Hoi Motors for testing.

EFAW 2407R 2500kv

KV: 2440kv - Weight: 36.3g - Stator Width: 24mm - Stator Height: 7mm

The much anticipated high-end offering from EFAW in the large stator class.

AMAXInno 2305 2550kv

KV: 2500kv - Weight: 31.6g - Stator Width: 23mm - Stator Height: 5mm

A new entrance into the mini-quad motor scene, an interesting first offering from AMAXInno.

Scorpion MII 2204 2700kv

KV: 2690kv - Weight: 25.5g - Stator Width: 22mm - Stator Height: 4mm

A light weight, small stator motor in the MII from Scorpion in the high kv segment.

Rotaro Mjolnir 2308 2600kv

KV: 2580kv - Weight: 38g - Stator Width: 23.8mm - Stator Height: 8mm

This is a custom built version of the SunnySky Edge Lite motor for a racing team out of Norway.

LDPower FR2307 2600kv

KV: 2610kv - Weight: 36.1g - Stator Width: 23mm - Stator Height: 7mm

A larger stator high-kv motor from LDPower in the FR series.

Sumax SR2206B 2600kv

KV: 2560kv - Weight: 32.2g - Stator Width: 22mm - Stator Height: 6mm

A new offering from a new manufacturer on the market, and another entry into the larger stator high KV market.

iFlight Force IF2207 2700kv

KV: 2550kv - Weight: 35.1g - Stator Width: 22mm - Stator Height: 7mm

A new release from iFlight in the iForce series, filling the large stator high KV niche.