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Mini Quad Test BenchPhilosophy

We’ve been frustrated for a while that there seems to be a dearth of data out there related to brushless motor and ESC performance on a variety of setups. Some community members have been great about providing thrust data, but we've always been looking for something a bit more comprehensive. We continually strive to collect a large spectrum of mini-quad ESCs and motors, provide large scale and indepth testing ourselves.


After an intial start with a Turnigy thrust stand, we have custom written a datalogger to utilize a direct mounted load cell as well as RPM sensors and current and voltage sensing.  Data is being logged at 4ms resolution, giving a great picture of what is happening at both the ESC and motor.  Visit the EQUIPMENT page for more information.

Test DataResults

Test results have been compiled here in an indexed searchable method that will make viewing and comparing results simple.  We are constantly working to better the experience and depth of data here, through additional display libraries and database management.  Look forward to much more coming soon.  Visit the RESULTS page for more info.

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