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The Truth About Custom Motor Mixes

The option for custom motor mixes in flight controller software has been around for a tremendously long time, since the early days of MultiWii, long before the current 32-bit revolution took over the flight controller market. There's a ton of information and theories out there, from old wive's tales, to handy web calculators to help an enterprising pilot with this feature, but what is the truth? Is it even necessary?

How Do I Choose a Motor?

With the plethora of motors out there, the question of how to choose a motor that is right for you becomes ever more important. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is "what is the best motor?" and like so many other questions I get my primary answer is "it depends!" I will try make a more thorough explanation here of how to make a choice that will be best for you, as well as explain how to read the motor test results in a way that will give the answers needed.